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    About ONTRAPORT 4.0

    In February, 2017, ONTRAPORT released version 4.0, a major user interface update. It is bolder, more beautiful and reflects our high design standards as we move into the future. 

    All new accounts feature this interface exclusively. Existing clients can opt in and try the new interface, with the security of knowing they can still revert to the old interface for a period of time. 

    The major differences are outlined in this 2 1/2 minute video:



    Q. Where is the help menu?

    A. The help menu is still using the question-mark icon, but has been moved to the lower right corner.

    help menu

    Q. Where is my account number?

    A. Click the Profile icon in the top right. Your account number is the last item on that menu. Note that the Profile icon is not accessible from everywhere in the app. If you don't see it in the upper right, click Back to return to the top level of that collection to access it. 

    account number location

    Q. How do I select "All in Group" or "All on Page" for my broadcasts?

    A. Hover your mouse over the square icon on the left and select "All in Group" or "All on Page". 

    select all in group

    Q. Where is the merge field dropdown? I can't find it in ONTRApages or ONTRAmail.

    A. The merge field drop down now uses a merge field icon, as shown here in ONTRApages:

    merge field icon

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