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    Kickstart Kit: Webinar Management


    This package is designed to help you manage the registration and follow-up involved with hosting a webinar. You’ll be managing webinars like a pro by:

    • Setting up a registration form where your list can sign up for the webinar

    • Sending automated reminders to your registered contacts

    • Tracking the behavior of attendees compared to non-attendees

    • Following up with both attendees and non-attendees

    Before you dive in, take a moment to consider the ways in which you could follow up differently with your attendees versus your non-attendees. Sending tailored content that’s relevant to those who receive it is a powerful way to boost your ROI. For example, you might encourage the non-attendees to attend your next webinar, whereas you encourage those who attended the webinar to purchase your product.


    Note: ONTRAPORT includes several integrations with specific webinar platforms, and those integrations are recommended for those platforms instead of this Kickstart Kit. Current webinar platform integrations are found in out Integrationse-link.png forum section, and include GoToWebinare-link.png, WebinarJame-link.png and Evergreen Business Systemse-link.png.

    Install This Package

    Follow these steps to install this package:


    1. Click the arrow in the upper right corner of your account next to your email address and click Account

      Main Menu

    2. Click on the Add A Package link in the Content Packages section

      Add a package link

    3. In the pop-up box, add the package code 3ux63Dl8dakTlie and click Confirm

    4. All of the tools have now been added to your account. Proceed to the section Configure This Package


    Configure This Package

    Edit the Opt-in Form

    The Kickstart Kit adds an opt in Smart Form to your ONTRAPORT account. You'll want to edit it to include your company information:


    1. Click the Contacts collection, then Smart Forms, and click the name of the form, Webinar Management: Registration, to open it for editing

    2. To change the logo, click the Edit button

    3. Click on the image and press the DEL key

    4. To upload your own logo, click the Add Image icon then click the Select Hosted Image button

    5. Click on the Upload tab, then on Browse Computer to select an image from your computer

    6. Make any other design changes you like to the Smart Form. Refer to our Smart Forms Overviewe-link.png article for more editing tips.

    7. On the Settings tab, select a new "Thank You" page. This is the page your contacts are dropped onto after submitting your Smart Form. It's the perfect place to thank them for their registration, let them know reminder emails will be coming to them, etc. You can create a new Landing Pagee-link.png right from the drop down under Use this Landing Page

    8. While on the Settings tab, note that the Smart Form will automatically subscribe the contacts to the Webinar Management: Thanks for Registering Step Sequence

    9. Click the Publish Form button to get the form code to publish the opt in form on your website (or, you can use an ONTRAPORT Landing Pagee-link.png).

    Edit the Content in This Package

    Editing the Sequences

    The Kickstart Kit adds four Sequences to your account. These Sequences include Messages to be sent to your contacts, and Rules that manage their flow through the Webminar Management funnel. They are:


    • Webinar Management: Thanks for Registering
    • Webinar Management: Attendee Follow Up
    • Webinar Management: Non-Attendee Follow-Up
    • Webinar Management: Webinar Reminders
    1. To edit the Webinar Management: Thanks for Registering sequence, click the Contacts collection, then Sequences and Webinar Management: Thanks for Registering

      1. The first step is a Rule step that adds the tag Webinar Management: Registered to the contact

      2. Click on the second step to open it for editing. This step is a place holder with just the title of the email you will be sending to your attendees. Click the Edit button next to the Message name.

      3. Select either the ONTRAmail or Email editor to create the email. ONTRAmail Templatese-link.png are beautiful, responsive email templates that look great on any device. The Email editore-link.png is a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor that allows easy addition of content in either plain text or HTML. For this tutorial we will select the ONTRAmail editor.

      4. In the Email Templates section, click on View by Tags and then Webinar to show the templates for webinars. 

      5. Select a template. The template will load in the editor.

      6. On the left is the Palette, where you edit the design elements in the email. On the right the larger workspace is called the Canvas. To edit an element, you can click on its name in the Palette or on the element itself in the Canvas.

        Palette and Canvas
      7. Edit the template as necessary for your email. Our forum article on ONTRAmail Email Templatese-link.png has more information on how to edit the template.

      8. When satisfied with the email design, click the Settings tab. Fill in the email Subject and click the Copy from HTML button. This provides a pre-formatted plain text version of the email for your customers who do not enable HTML email.

        Settings tab
      9. When finished editing, click Save.

    2. If you are returned to the Messages library, click Contacts > Sequences again and click the next sequence to edit, Webinar Management: Attendee Follow Up. Edit the email step in this sequence

    3. Edit the email in the sequence Webinar Management: Non-Attendee Follow-Up in the same way.

    4. The final sequence to edit is a Date Sequence, Webinar Management: Webinar Reminders. Click to open it for editing.

    5. Unlike Step Sequences, where each Contact is acted on by every step, a Date Sequence acts only on the specific date. The first step in this Date Sequence is an email sent the day before the webinar. Edit the date and time to represent when you want the email to be sent.

      1. Edit the email in this step as you have done previously

      2. Click the header to collapse the step when finished, and edit the next email step. It is intended to go out one hour before your webinar so edit the date and time accordingly

      3. Save the Date Sequence.


    Q. What if I change the date of the webinar after people have already signed up?

    A. Edit the Date Sequence Webinar Management: Webinar Reminders:

    1. Under Contacts, click Sequences

    2. Click the Sequence titled Webinar Management: Webinar Reminders to open it for editing.

    3. Open the first step and set the new date.

    4. Close the step and open the next step, and edit the date accordingly

    5. Repeat this process for any remaining steps in the sequence

    6. Save the sequence

    Q. How do I manually sign up a contact for the webinar?

    A. Open the Contact record by clicking on their name in Contacts

    1. Scroll down to the Sequences field in the Contact Record

    2. Add the Sequence Webinar Management: Thanks for Registering from the drop down box. The Tag Webinar Management: Registered will be added to the Contact by the Sequence.

    Q. How do I manually cancel a registration?

    A. Open the Contact record by clicking on the Contact's name in Contacts. Remove all Sequences and Tags starting with Webinar Management: by clicking the X symbol next to their names.

    Webinar Management eBook

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