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    Contact Management FAQ

    Q: Can a contact who has opted out opt back in?

    Q: How do I add contacts to a Group?

    Q: Can I edit Tag names?

    Q: Can I create one contact in place of several related contacts?

    Q: What's the difference between Groups and Tags?

    Q: How do I automate list segmentation?

    Q: I accidentally deleted my contacts! What do I do?

    Q: Can you track the location of a person that fills out a form based on a customer's IP address?

    Q: Why do my exported .csv files have funny characters?

    Q: How do I save my .csv Excel file on a Mac?

    Q: I have a question not answered here. Where can I get a quick answer?

    Q: I noticed that the CSV files I import and the ones that ONTRAPORT creates when I export Contacts are saved. How long are they kept?

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