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    Math Equations and Numeric Fields


    About Math Equations

    You can create equations for numeric fields in Rules. The equations use merge fields provided in a drop down box to allow standard math operators to add, subtract, multiply or divide one numeric field by another. Whole numbers can also be used in the equations.

    Two usecases are provided below. One shows a custom lead scoring configuration for a customer who wants his team's personal interactions with a client added to ONTRAPORT's built in lead Score. The other usecase shows the use of an equation as a condition statement to multiply two numeric fields, compare the result against the value of a third numeric field, and Tag a Contact accordingly.

    Using Math Equations

    Usecase: Adjusted Lead Scoring

    In our first example, the business owner wants to be able to use a different lead score than the built in Score field. He added two custom fields, Manual Lead Score and Adjusted Lead Score, that are both numeric fields. His team will update the Manual Lead Score field whenever they speak to the customer on the phone and use the Adjusted Lead Score field as a guide to whom they need to call next.

    After creating the fields, he creates a single global Rule. The trigger for the Rule is that the Manual Lead Score field is updated. He chooses the action Change the value of a field and specifies the Adjusted Lead Score field. First, he chooses Manual Lead Score from the drop down box:

    Math operations in a Rule

    In this case, the account owner wants to add the Manual Lead Score to the system Score, so he adds a plus sign after the first merge field:

    Add math operator after first merge field

    All that is left to do is add the next merge field, Score, and save the Rule.

    add second merge field after the math operator

    Whenever the Manual Lead Score field is updated, the Rule updates the Adjusted Score Field with the sum of the Manual Score Field plus the Score field. The business owner's team can now prioritize their next calls by the Adjusted Lead Score field. The business owner can refine this system more by having a global Rule that looks for a change in the Adjusted Lead Score field and, if less than a certain number, assigns a Task to call the Contact.

    Usecase: Tag According to Multiple Values

    A common usecase is to Tag a Contact based on the value of a field. A single numeric field can be tested against any combination of equal to or greater than / less than conditions. But multiple numeric fields can also be used with math operators.

    In this case, our business owner wants to Tag a Contact where Field A is greater than Field B times Field C. He inserts the merge field for Field B, adds the multiplication symbol (the asterik), and then inserts the merge field for Field C. The Rule looks like this:

    Using math operations as Conditions in Rules

    Valid Equations

    In addition to standard addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operators, equations can be enclosed in parenthesis to force the order of operations.

    • [Your Field]+1

      Increase the value of a numeric field by 1

    • [Your Field]*4

      Multiply the value of a numeric field by 4

    • 8/[Your Field]

      Divide 8 by the value of a numeric field.

    • [Field A]*[Field B]

      Multiply the value of a numeric field by the value of another numeric field.

    • [Field A]*[Field B]/([Field C]+5)

      This is a more complex equation using parenthesis to force the order of operations: Add 5 to the value of numeric field first, then use standard order of operations to multiply the value of a numeric field by the value of another numeric field and divide the result by the sum of the first operation.

    Note: Numeric fields in ONTRAPORT round to the nearest whole number.


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    • Avatar
      Jamie Mather

      This is great and saves me time writing code at the application end to sum.count and divide field values before pushing them in to Ontrport. Do these formulas only work on number fields or currency fields also?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Jamie - at this time the math operations are only available for numeric fields. We do have an active request to add "date math" in our Feature Request forums, but I didn't see a similar request for currency / price fields. Feel free to add the request there and our developers will take a look!

    • Avatar
      Charles Dugan

      we're putting together a custom quote object, and need to be able to calculate prices - qty x unit price - to the penny, not rounded to the nearest whole number:). when will formula's work in currency fields?

    • Avatar
      Doug Freeman

      The arithmetic functionality is great to have, but in some cases is mitigated by inability to then display the outcome as a 'readable' number in a message; ie, with commas & decimal places. Request is in to add this formatting change so if you're here and frustrated by same lack of functionality, please go in to Request List and vote.

      Editor: here's the link:

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