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    Landing Pages FAQ

    Q: What's the easiest way to learn to create an ONTRApage Landing Page?

    A: Make sure you are logged into ONTRAPORT in another tab, then click this link: Create an ONTRAPAGE Landing Page. This opens an ONTRAPORT Project that will guide you step by step through creating an ONTRApage.

    Q: Can I have a PURL link to my own site even if it’s not hosted by ONTRAPORT?

    A: Directly, no. However, there is a way around this. You can create a redirect to your site. When you create a new Landing Page in ONTRAPORT, one of the options is a Redirect Landing Page. Creating one of these asks you for the domain of the page you want the Landing Page to redirect to. Use whatever domain you want (you can even use your own if it's nameservers are pointed to us) and then have it redirect to the page you want people to end up on. You can then create all the PURLs you want to the redirect page. You can even track who clicked the link!

    Q: Can I embed merge fields into an html layer on Legacy Landing Pages for unique content per contact?

    A: Yes you can.

    Use case: Embed a unique clickable YouTube video into each contact's PURL

    One of our clients wished to make it so that each of his contacts could visit the same Landing Page as a PURL and would each see a YouTube video that was unique to them. We discovered that it was possible to do this by going through the following steps.

    1. Create a Custom Field in the contact record for the unique YouTube URL

    2. Upload a video to YouTube

    3. Click the Share button underneath the video

    4. Click the Embed button

    5. Copy the YouTube embed code to the clipboard

    6. Create a new Landing Page in ONTRAPORT

    7. Add an Html layer

    8. Paste the Youtube embed code into the html layer

    9. Replace the last part of the YouTube URL (the YouTube video ID) within the embed code with the merge field for the unique YouTube URL from step 1

      1. Example: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

      2. Becomes: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="[Your Merge Field Here]" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    10. Save the html layer

    11. Manually add the YouTube video ID, the stuff after the ‘/embed/’ part, to the Custom Field in the Contact Record of the contact you wish to view that particular video when they access the PURL

    You can use a similar method on ONTRApages by using a Custom HTML Block for steps 8 and 9. 


    Q: How does ONTRAPORT track unique Landing Page visits?

    A: Our system places a cookie on the visitors internet browser once they visit the page. Let's say a person visits a Landing Page. The visit number will be 1. Then, if that person visits the page again from the same computer (and they haven't cleared their cookies or turned cookie tracking off), the number of visits will stay at 1.


    Q: I did a bunch of testing and want to clear my statistics for a Landing Page so I have a clear zero starting point, how do I do that?

    A: Here’s how:

    1. Unhost the Landing Page,

    2. Duplicate the Landing Page and then

    3. Rehost the Landing Page on the desired URL


    Q: I have a Smart Form on a Legacy Landing page but people can't fill it out, why is this happening?

    A: The most common reason is that there is a layer above the form layer blocking anyone from filling out your form. Dive into the landing page editor. Once there, drag/re-order your form layer so it's above the layer blocking it.

    move layer on legacy landing page

    Q: There are scroll bars next to my Legacy Landing page text layers when I visit the page in my web browser. How do I get rid of them?

    A: This happens because there is some text that is not able to be seen by the visitor. To get rid of the scroll bars, just increase the size of the text layer on your Landing Page.

    Q: Can I embed a YouTube video on my Landing Page?

    A: Yes! Use the "Embed" code under the "Share" menu:



     embed youtube


    Legacy Landing Pages: Use the Source button at the upper left of the editor to paste the Embed code into the page source.


    ONTRApages: Use a Video Block and insert the video code into the "Embed" tab. 


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