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    Note: Not all images and content apply to ONTRAPORT 5.
    For backwards compatibility, some articles cover legacy features.
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    Creating an Invoice Template


    Invoice templates are available so you can customize and personalize the data sent to your customers. If you don’t create an invoice template, a generic, default template will be sent to customers after a purchase.


    In ONTRAPORT, invoices are really "purchase receipts" and reflect the quantities and amounts the customer has already purchased. We do not have a true invoicing function that allows you to create an invoice to be paid later by your clients.


    You can create separate invoice templates for separate businesses. Then, when you create a Smart Form on which to sell your products, you can simply set which invoice is sent to the customer when they make a purchase on that particular form.

    Creating an Invoice Template

    ONTRAPORT provides several ways to create a new invoice template. In ONTRAforms or ONTRApages, you can edit an order form block and select the Payment Settings link. Under Invoice, the drop down selection box includes the option to Create New Message Template. The same option is provided in our legacy Smart Forms after you add a product to the form, in the Field Settings section. Selecting this option will load the Message Templates screen.




    You can also access the Message Templates screen by clicking your email address at the top right, selecting Administration, and then Double Opt-in / Invoice Manager.




    Any of the above options will load the Message Templates screen. Click the New Message Template button in the toolbar to create your new custom invoice template.


    Using the "Invoice (ONTRAmail)" Editor

    We recommend choosing the Invoice (ONTRAmail) option. A selection of pre-formatted invoice templates are provided in the familiar ONTRAmail editor format. These allow you to edit the template to include your logo or other branding. They include all the necessary fields you need to submit and gain approval for your new custom invoice and are faster than using the plain HTML email editor (shown below).




    Using the HTML Editor Option

    If you prefer, you can create your custom invoice using the older style HTML message editor. Select just the Invoice button for this option. The editor appears. Usage is similar to the HTML Email editor. Use the Merge Fields drop down to format the invoice portion of the message.

    Two of the Merge Fields deserve special mention. The "Complete Receipt" merge field provides all the information in the image below, including the invoice details, sold by information, bill to, ship to and the item purchased table. In contrast, the "Purchased Items" merge field will display the item purchased table.


    The Invoice (ONTRAmail) editor takes care of all the details for you by providing pre-formatted templates. When creating custom invoices with the HTML Editor you must remember that the invoice must contain the bill to information (customer name), the item purchased and the amount the customer has spent. Your local laws may require other information on the invoice, and it is your responsibility to ensure your custom invoice template meets your local requirements.


    Custom invoice templates must not contain any marketing information.

    Invoice Approval

    ONTRAPORT provides provisional approval for your new custom invoice template. It is reviewed by our email delivery department within two business days and, if it does not meet the standards listed above, it is deactivated. The administrator of your account will be notified via email and the custom invoice template will no longer appear as an option when creating Order Forms. Standard invoices are then provided to your customers to avoid interrupting sales activity. 

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    • Avatar
      Tania Mulry

      Is there a way to create an invoice for an amount that varies? We have a few "products" with fixed prices, but the bulk of our billing is for deals of varying amounts. Sometimes we might have a deal that is $500 and other times it might be $5000 or any amount in between. I think we can do this in the Stripe console, but then the totals wouldn't show up in Ontraport or the affiliate program tracking.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Tania,

      In ONTRAPORT, invoices are really "purchase receipts" and reflect the quantities and amounts the customer has already purchased. We do not have a true invoicing function that allows you to create an invoice to be paid later by your clients. If you use QuickBooks or Xero for your accounting, you can create invoices in them and push the information back into ONTRAPORT using a third party integration (see for the accounting packages with integrations). 

    • Avatar
      Riz Khan

      What is the largest amount that you can process?

      Could you process a $100,000 payment? 

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