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    Wistia Integration

    Wistia Integration


    About Wistia

    Wistia is an awesome web video hosting service that allows you to upload and share videos online as well as track views using sophisticated analytics. With it’s decorative assortment of video functionality and customization options, you’re able to engage viewers in all sorts of ways. Embed your videos on your web pages, your membership site, or share them on social media in just a few clicks to deliver your message to whomever you wish to see it. On top of that, Wistia has a robust API that lets you take it’s video player customization to a whole new level. Turnstile9.png



    What Does This Integration Do?

    The integration revolves around the Turnstile feature of Wistia: an email capture tool that allows you to collect and tag leads within the video player interface. With Turnstile enabled, you can prompt viewers to submit their email addresses either before, during, or after a video has played using a special pop-up screen containing an email field. Any email addresses submitted are automatically added to your ONTRAPORT Contacts Collection. Sweet!


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    How to Integrate Wistia

    1. Obtain your API key in ONTRAPORT

      1. Log into your ONTRAPORT account.

      2. Click your email address at the top right and click on Administration. Then click ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager.  Show me


      3. Click on the New API Key button. 

      4. Name the API Key, select the Contact Owner for the new contacts, check off all five permissions, and then click Save.  Show me

      5. Copy the API App ID and API Key onto your clipboard or a notepad application.  Show me

    2. Enter the ONTRAPORT API key into Wistia.

      1. Log into Wistia as the Account Owner.

      2. Mouse over the Account tab and click Settings.  Show me

      3. In the sidebar navigation click on Integrations (under the Advanced option).  Show me

      4. Select ONTRAPORT under the Pro header.  Show me


      5. Paste your ONTRAPORT API App ID and API Key into the fields in Wistia.  Show me


      6. Click Connect and you should see a confirmation notice.


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    How to Activate the Turnstile Feature on a Wistia Video

    1. Log into Wistia. 

    2. Select an uploaded video to edit it. 

    3. Mouse over the Video Actions tab and click on Customize.  Show me

    4. Open the Timeline Actions menu in the left column.  Show me

    5. Select Turnstile and customize your settings.  Show me


      1. Do you want to ask for a viewer’s email address before, after, or at a specific time in the video?

      2. Choose whether or not a viewer can skip the email request screen or if they’re required to fill it out in order to proceed.

      3. Enter the text you’d like to appear on the email request screen.

      4. Select an ONTRAPORT Tag to be applied to anyone who submits their email address.

      5. Click Save.


    Now you’re all set to unleash your video on the web and social media using Wistia’s Embed and Share options to start collecting leads in a way you never could before.


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