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    Integrating with Fedora

    Note: Fedora has changed their name to Teachable. We hope to obtain new integration instructions from them soon.


    Fedora is an advanced learning management system (LMS) that is highly customizable with the ability to incorporate extra features. Built as a stand-alone all-in-one solution with a payment gateway included, Fedora's High Volume Plan integrates with ONTRAPORT's order form system.


    This integration allows you to use an ONTRAPORT Order Form to charge a Contact for a course. The form pings Fedora which triggers a notification email to the contact giving them course access. If the Contact already has an account on your Fedora school, they simply get additional access to the course on their existing account.





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    Setup Fedora

    1. Find the productid of the course you want to sell using an ONTRAPORT Order Form

    2. Log into Fedora's Admin panel

    3. Click on the Courses tab

    4. Select the Course you want to sell and click on the Pricing tab along the left. Click the green edit icon.  Show me

    5. Write down or copy the Product ID number shown on the pop up.  Show me


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    Creating the ONTRAPORT Order Form

    1. Log into your ONTRAPORT account

    2. Create an Order Form for your Course using the Smart Form editor. Make the Email field required. See Creating an Order Form for more information.

    3. After creating the front end of the form with the product and pricing, click on the Settings tab

    4. In the Conditional Rules section, under Rules: Successful Payment click + Add Rule  Show me

    5. Name the Rule

    6. In the Then Do This section select Ping a URL from the drop down  Show me

    7. For the Ping URL enter a URL formatted with your Fedora login email and password and your Fedora subdomain, with /api/v1/sales/ appended to it:



    8. For the Post data section type in the following, replacing the text PRODUCTID with the number obtained from Fedora (57 in the example above):

      product_id=PRODUCTID&email=[Email]&price=[Last Charge Amount]


    9. The finished Rule looks like this

    10. When finished, set the payment gateway to the Dummy Gateway for testing. Test using the Dummy Gateway card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 (a number four and fifteen ones) and any other information for your test Contact.

    11. Verify the test Contact is added to your Fedora course.

    12. If the test is successful, remember to return to the order form and set the payment gateway to your active gateway.

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      Jason Hilkey

      This should be updated since Fedora is now Teachable

    • Avatar
      Michael Smart

      Hey Frank, is this still an option ... setting up order forms in Ontraport and having successful sales post to Teachable to grant people access there?

      If so, will the following work for step 7?

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