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    Integrating with WooCommerce


    WooCommerce describes itself as "the world's favorite eCommece solution that gives you complete control to sell anything." Powering over 30% of the web's eCommerce sites, with over 11 million installations, it is easy to see why they are so confident. The ONTRAPORT Tracking for WooCommercelink WordPress plugin pushes purchase information from WooCommerce into ONTRAPORT so you can automate responses, nurture customers and leverage all that ONTRAPORT offers to engage, excite and delight your customers!


    Using this integration, WooCommerce still handles all the billing and product delivery details, including using it's shopping cart functionality and leveraging all the add-on plugins for enhanced features.



    Obtaining and Installing the Plugin

    The plugin is not available in the WordPress plugin respository. You must purchase it directly from the vendor and install it using the following instructions:

    1. Purchase the plugin from Premium Web Serviceslink.

    2. Download the .zip file to your computer.

    3. Log into the Administration section in your WooCommerce powered WordPress website, click Plugins and Add New then click the Upload Plugin link at the top.  Show me

    4. Upload the zip file and activate the plugin.

    Configure the Plugin

    1. After you upload and activate the ONTRAPORT Tracking in WooCommerce plugin in the WordPress Administration section, click WooCommerce > Settings to reveal the new ONTRAPORT tab.  Show me

    2. You need your ONTRAPORT subdomain (the plugin calls it the "ONTRAPORT Pixel Server"). If you don't know it, obtain it by following these steps:

      1. Log into your ONTRAPORT account, click your email address at the top right and click Administration. Then, click on the Get Tracking Code link.  Show me

      2. Copy the full subdomain shown in the Tracking Code. It is right after the _mr_domain= text. Paste the subdomain into the ONTRAPORT Pixel Server field in the plugin.  Show me

    3. Click the Save changes button to save the setting. This completes the initial setup, but you must configure your WooCommerce products to match the products in ONTRAPORT in Linking Products.

    Linking Products

    Products are not automatically synced in the background. You must create each WooCommerce product in ONTRAPORT, and then return to WooCommerce to add the ONTRAPORT Product ID to the product. The ONTRAPORT Product ID must be in the WooCommerce product's SKU field. Here are the steps to take for each product:

    1. In the WordPress Administration section, click on Products > Products to see the WooCommerce product listings. For each product listed create a matching product in ONTRAPORT.  Show me

    2. To create the product in ONTRAPORT, click on Sales > Products > New Product.  Show me

    3. On the Create New Product screen, enter the product name and price exactly as shown in your WooCommerce product listing.  Show me

    4. Save the new product. On the Products page, copy the Product ID for use in the WooCommerce product configuration.  Show me

    5. Edit the product in WooCommerce. Paste the Product ID number into the product's SKU field. Click Update to save the product information.  Show me

    6. The product configuration is complete for this product. Repeat for the remaining products in your WooCommerce store.

    7. When adding new products, you must repeat this process.

    8. A product that is sold through WooCommerce, but is not linked to a matching ONTRAPORT product by it's Product ID, will show up with no Product Name in ONTRAPORT:  Show me


    Q. Why do I have transactions in ONTRAPORT without a product name?

    A. You must match up the products in WooCommerce to a corresponding product in ONTRAPORT using the procedure listed in Linking Products.

    Q. I already have product SKUs in WooCommerce. Is there an alternative to using this field to link products?

    A. No, you must use the ONTRAPORT Product ID number as the SKU for the integration to work.

    Q. How can I trigger actions in ONTRAPORT when a linked product is sold?

    A. The transaction appears to ONTRAPORT just as a native, built-in transaction, so any of the techniques used, such as a global Rule looking for the purchase of a product, will work.

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    • Avatar
      Steve Rosenbaum

      Frank, will this work with Subscriptions?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      My guess is that it would not work properly for subscriptions. The plugin pushes a purchase in Woo Commerce into ONTRAPORT as a "logged transaction" and does not use the ONTRAPORT payment gateway you set up. Woo Commerce depends on the payment gateway to handle the subscription process in most cases, and the payment gateway is not communicating with ONTRAPORT. See this link for Woo's description of the two different ways subscriptions are handed, and this link for managing the different types of subscriptions in Woo Commerce.


    • Avatar
      David Ding

      Hi Frank, will Ontraport affiliate tracking links still work?

    • Avatar
      Mark Donnan

      Hi Frank, will affiliate sales tracking work with WooCommerce + Stripe payment gateway?

    • Avatar
      Victor Fehlberg

      Hi Frank, in the event I am not ready to bring the product ID into WooCommerce and overwrite my SKU, can I still see the transaction (just without product information)? For example if I want to automate an email one week after purchase, can I still do this even though it's unclear in Ontraport which product they purchased? I'm guessing I could still build a rule such as, "When this happens: Purchases 'Any Product'" do...

    • Avatar
      Karen Sherwood

      Hi Frank - everything seems to be working nicely between OntraPort & Woo Commerce - however if someone uses a coupon in Woo Commerce - that information is not transferred over - It still shows they paid the full amount even through a coupon was used. Any way to have the coupon information/final price transferred over as well? Thanks!

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Hi Karen, unfortunately the coupon discount does not transmit, just the product price prior to the discount being added.

    • Avatar
      Julia McPherson

      This plugin only pulls 1 product from the transaction. If a customer buys 2 or 3, only one product SKU is pushed, the first one listed.

    • Avatar

      I purchased this plug in recently and never received the download for it. I have emailed the developer 4 times and haven't had a response as of yet. Is this the only option to push purchases from WC to OP?

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