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    ONTRAPORT Mobile App

    About the ONTRAPORT Mobile App

    The ONTRAPORT Mobile App provides mobile access to your ONTRAPORT account's Contacts from Apple iOS devices.


    Using the ONTRAPORT Mobile App

    Downloading the App

    • Download the app from the Apple Appstore

    • Log in using your ONTRAPORT credentials


    mobile login

    • Contacts are shown. Note New, Actions and Groups icons at top


    app icons

    Performing Actions on Multiple Contacts

    • Select Contacts by tapping

    • Tap Actions to apply operations to selected contacts



    • Actions available:

      • Email (Send from Library)

      • SMS (Send from Library)

      • Sequences (Add/Remove)

      • Tags (Add/Remove)


    • Click the X or Back to exit Actions


    • Tap Groups to select a Contact Group


    • Select Contacts or All in Group

    • You can apply Actions to the selected contacts

    Performing Actions on a Single Contact

    • Add a new contact by tapping the New icon


    add new contact

    • Edit an individual Contact by tapping the right arrow icon


    • All Contact fields are exposed for editing



    Managing Tasks

    All your active ONTRAPORT Tasks are located in the ONTRAPORT Mobile Tasks menu. There you can mark the Tasks complete, reassign them, reschedule them, cancel them, or send an email to the Contact of which the Task pertains to.


    • To access your active Tasks, click on the Navigation menu



    • Select Tasks from the Navigation menu




    • Click on the arrow next to the Task on which you want to perform an action




    • Click on the Actions menu


    • Select an action to perform




    How to mark a Task complete


    • Select Mark Complete from the Actions menu

    • Select a Task Outcome




    • To solve the Task, click Mark Complete

    • To solve the Task and create a new one for the contact, click Mark Complete, Add New




    Important Facts

    • The ONTRAPORT Mobile App is available for Apple iOS devices only

    • Only Contact actions are available at this time

    • Contacts cannot be deleted in the ONTRAPORT Mobile App

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    • Avatar
      Aaron Kennard

      Where can we download the mobile app?  It doesn't show up in a search at the Apple store

    • Avatar
      Ezina LeBlanc

      does the mobile app still exists? it's not in the apple store

    • Avatar
      Kevin Polk

      I downloaded the iPhone app, but the Add a New Contact feature does not work.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      The mobile app is not working. I added a notice at the top of the page. We will advise when we get a functioning app released.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      The iOS app for Apple devices has been updated as of 21-July, 2016, and the new version will show up in the Apple App Store within a few days.

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      The new version of the iOS app is available at

      Edited by Frank Hagan
    • Avatar
      John Weichard

      Please advise when a usable Android app will be available?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      We don't have an ETA on the Android app at this time. It is actively being worked on by our team at this time, but is still too early in the development cycle to give a definitive release date.

    • Avatar
      Kevin Thom

      Really looking forward to an Android version. The Ontraport site doesn't work well with mobile browsers.

    • Avatar
      Charlie Lewis

      Has there been any update on the Andriod version of this app?

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