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    Link Tracking

    Link Tracking


    What is Link Tracking?

    A wonderful tool for online marketing, Link Tracking allows you to see which of your contacts has clicked a particular link on your website, how many visits (or clicks) a link on your website has gotten, and best of all the ability to trigger Rules based on those link clicks. This gives you insight into which of your Links are receiving high engagement and which aren’t. Tracked Links are recorded for current contacts or leads who click them and then opt in at a later time (assuming they haven’t cleared their cookies). 

    How to Create a Tracked Link

    What You Can Do With Link Tracking

    1. Keep track of how many visits you get per tracked link in the Tracked Links collection 


    2. Create Rules that trigger when a contact clicks a tracked link on your website. Use the trigger: Clicks tracked link.

      1. You can use rules like this to Tag contacts and in turn Group them. You can also perform any action that Rules are capable of in order to market specifically to contacts who have clicked a particular tracked link such as adding them to a Sequence for follow-up. 

      2. In the "when this happens" section, select the trigger for Clicks tracked linkrule-trigger-clicks-tracked-link.png

      3. Select the Tracked Link that you'd like use.

      4. Select the appropriate action under the "then do this" section such as adding a Tag for segmentation or Sequence for further follow-up.

    Usecase: Abandoned Cart Process

    We have a step-by-step guide for this in ONTRAPORT Projects! Once you're logged into your ONTRAPORT account, click this link


    For our example, you would like to know how many people visit your sales page for your new eBook, Tracking all Your Links but do NOT buy. You would like to encourage them to buy with a coupon for 10% off. Here are the steps you could take:

    1. Create an ONTRApage Landing Page selling the new eBook Tracking All Your Links. Host the Landing Page.

    2. Create a Tracked Link in Tracking > Tracked Links using the URL for the hosted Landing Page

    3. Create a Personal Coupon for 10% off the eBook valid for a limited time

    4. Create a Step Sequence with:

      1. A Rule step set to fire at least 2 hours after the contact is subscribed. The Rule step checks for purchase of the product and if the contact has purchased, unsubscribes the contact from the Sequence.

      2. An Email step thanking the Contact for visiting the eBook page, and offering it again with a link to the order page

      3. A Rule step set to fire the next day. Like the first rule step, it checks for a purchase of the eBook and unsubscribes the Contact from the sequence if they have purchased.

      4. An Email step set to fire immediately after the Rule step with the Personal Coupon for 10% off the eBook.

      5. Repeat steps c and d for reminders until the Personal Coupon expires

    5. Create a global Rule with the following:

      1. Trigger: Clicks Tracked Link (select link)

      2. Action: Subscribe to Sequence (choose step sequence in number 4).

    6. Advertise your offer with the Tracked Link via any of your marketing channels such as email, Facebook or Google ads, on your website, etc. The Tracked Link will trigger the global Rule for any of your cookied contacts who click the link.

    How this works: when the Contact clicks the tracked link, the global Rule adds them to the Step Sequence. The Step Sequence waits for 2 hours to test for the purchase before sending the first email. The delay is necessary to let the Contact consider the offer, and for the payment gateway to update ONTRAPORT with the purchase (usually this is instant, but PayPal may take several minutes … and the Contact may ponder the offer for a while

    Where to Go From Here

    Have more questions? Submit a request


    • Avatar
      Justin Baeder

      Suggestion: Make "Tracking URL Code" (the actual link you paste into your email or website in order to track clicks) a column, rather than something hidden under the Actions menu? It would be useful to be able to search the page for a particular link to find out what it points to, if you come across it later in an email or on a page.

      Also, it seems like an extra step to have to click the checkbox, then Actions, then Get Link Code, then select & copy, then click Close. A lot of steps when it could just be highlight & copy. Heck, you could even add a one-click "copy to clipboard" button as a column.

    • Avatar
      Justin Baeder

      Question: How long does it take for rules that run when a tracked link is clicked to fire? I'm looking about 5 minutes after clicking, and the click shows up in the contact's history, but on the link tracking page, it still shows 0 clicks, and the rule has not fired.

      Is there a delay that should be expected?

    • Avatar
      Justin Baeder

      Well, I sent my comment a second too soon—the rule fired, contact was added to sequence, and click was registered 6-7 minutes after click. 

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Thanks for your comments, Justin! 

      The Rule will wait until the Contact record shows the link click in this case, so there can be a 5 - 10 minute delay. Usually it will act within five minutes. 

      We added a usecase today under "What You Can Do with Link Tracking" that a customer shared with us ... a "cart abandonment" type of process for testing when a tracked link is clicked and comparing that against the purchase history in the contact record. It's a pretty powerful feature!


    • Avatar
      Julie Berg

      in Step 2 d) I'm not sure what that means.. "Replace the link on your web page with the code provided"

       would this be in wordpress?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      HI Julie - That is an awkward sentence! Let me see if I can clarify it.

      In step 2.c you are copying the new link code to the clipboard. Step 2.d. should probably say "Use this link anywhere on the Internet, or in email, etc."

      You can place this link anywhere, on your web page, a WordPress page, in an email, etc. No matter where this link is placed, when it is clicked the person will be directed to the URL you set for the link in the earlier steps. In that respect it works like every other link on the Internet. Click it and you visit the URL in the link.

      The value of the Tracked Link is that we can track it and act on it; a Rule can run whenever a Contact clicks that link, no matter where on the Internet they found the link. 

    • Avatar
      Julie Berg

      thank you that makes more sense!

    • Avatar
      Brad P.

      Question: How can I add URL forwarding?

      Here is how it happened in OAP

      What should I add to my new ontraport link?

    • Avatar
      Frank Hagan

      Brad, the link is already forwarding, so you don't need to add anything to it. This image shows the tracked link in the upper box, and then the URL it is currently forwarding to:


      You can change that destination URL any time you like by clicking on it and then editing it. 

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