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Can I add additional email addresses to my contacts?

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I'd like to add a spouse's email address to contact records. I was able to add a field named "Spouse Email" using the field type "Email" in Contacts > Settings > Field Editor. But I don't see how to send an email to this address in a sequence, etc. 

I'm starting a business to remind spouses when their spouse's birthday is coming up, so it's pretty important I be able to email this address based on the Contact Record's "Birthday" date field from a Date Sequence.


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That's a great idea .... there was a year I would have paid you a million dollars if you could have reminded me BEFORE I made that mistake! You can utilize those extra email fields by sending a ticket to Support and asking them to turn on "Custom Objects" for your account. Custom Objects are a powerful feature of ONTRAPORT that is available on request.


Don't be scared by the complex nature of Custom Objects (it is really designed for database gurus). In this case, you just need to have Custom Objects enabled for your account and you can start using that extra email field in Sequences, Rules, etc. After it is enabled for your account you will see all of the email fields you have added in the Send email to drop down:


Note that we still enforce our Rules regarding opt outs, bounces, etc. If the recipient of the email clicks the link to "Unsubscribe" from bulk email the Contact Record itself is set to "Opt Out", preventing bulk email being sent to any email address in that Contact Record.  

Frank Hagan
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Can this also work for contacts who have multiple email addresses?

We have many duplicates of contacts in our database due to the same contact having multiple email addresses.  According to data most people now have up to 7 different email addresses that they use for different things,  I myself have 5 and I forget which one I have given to different organizations I work with.

It makes it very difficult to track the lifecycle of a lead to sales if they use different email addresses with each contact if they have with us. I regularly do find and merge contacts to find duplicates however when they use mutliple email addresses I dont merge them becuase obviously they are wanting contact from us at multiple addresses and I dont want to miss out on sending them a conversion email at an address which could convert them by picking the wrong one.  But I want to track that one single person's progress through my funnel.

Can perhaps we use semi colons between email addresses in the email field?

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