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What's this "About This Page" screen that pops up?

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Every now and then the "About This Page" help screen pops up. I like the content but why does it sometimes pop up when I visit a page in ONTRAPORT?


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About This Page is a new in-application help system that provides a description of the current page or section, plus training videos, FAQs, ONTRAPORT Projects and links to related support material.

The first time you visit a new section of ONTRAPORT with About This Page available the information will appear on the screen. It should not appear again, ever, on it's own for that page. After that first time, the help system will be ready and waiting for you to call it up again by clicking the About This Page icon at the lower right: 


Why do we have it pop up? Many of our clients do not follow our frequent updates at, our Facebook community at, or read their update emails. We want to make sure they see this important new resource and know it is available to them!

NAVIGATION:  The About This Page information can be "popped out" into a separate window by clicking the "↗" icon at the top right, allowing full interaction with ONTRAPORT. Sections can be expanded by clicking the "↕ More" icon. Closing the About This Page information using the standard window "X" icon collapses the page for recall later. You can also toggle the information off and on screen by clicking the About This Page icon at the bottom right.

Frank Hagan

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