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Which WordPress themes are compatible with PilotPress?

Frank Hagan

Can you tell me which themes are compatible with your PilotPress plugin?


Official comment


We recommend you choose a theme from a provider that offers great support, proper documentation, and regular updates. A few things to check that help ensure you are obtaining a theme from a good provider are:

  • Look for other peoples testimonials
  • Look for high star ratings (if there is a star rating system)
  • Look for high download stats or numbers
  • Look for reliable looking sites whose sole purpose is to provide themes etc.
  • Look for positive comments (if there is a comment system)
  • Look for a RECENT update date; if the theme is over a year old with no updates it is likely out of date and insecure

Here are a few providers we recommend: - (A great site with very nice looking sites. Additionally, the owner provides quick responses on support tickets, and there is a wealth of documentation. Finally, the sites are designed in a way that makes it easier for a designer to tweak than most.) - (Another great site with a mix of great looking sites and sites that provide specific functionality. All themeforest themes come with great documentation, however, they do not provide support themselves. They do however, give you the proper resources to connect with the actual developers of the themes. We haven’t had any issues to date getting support from these developers. Overall, themeforest is one of our favorite resources.) - (Yet another awesome site with great looking / coded sites. They offer support themselves with good support and documentation.) - (The godaddy of templates. Template Monster provides some great themes, however, you will have to look through an assortment of bland looking themes to find ones that really stand out. They do however have great support and documentation.) - (A very decent site with lots of decent looking themes. Their support and documentation is great.) - (Another decent site with lots of good looking themes. We haven’t had much experience with Templatic, however, from what we have seen they are growing in the right direction. Their support hasn’t been tested, however, they do have decent documentation.)

Most themes will be compatible with PilotPress. Some include advanced functions and those individual functions may conflict with PilotPress. You can usually turn them off. The functions that most often interfere are: cache, redirection, alternate login pages (which use redirection), and membership functions.

Frank Hagan

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