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Can my Partners create their own promo tools?

Frank Hagan

I want them to be able to create a promo tool link to any page on my websites. Is there a way to let them create promo tools leading to any page on my site rather than me having to add it to their partner center?


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This is possible! Your Partners can add &orid=<Their Contact ID> to the end of any URL to turn it into a promo tool. In order to enable tracking the page they are sending contacts to must have the ONTRAPORT Tracking Script installed (it is installed by default on all ONTRAPORT landing pages and integrated WordPress sites). 

Because you haven't created a separate Promo Tool, you will not have complete statistics on their efforts. But every opt in or purchase will be credited to them.

If you want to send instructions to Partners in an email, you can use this text and the [Contact ID] merge field to automatically fill the string with the correct Contact ID number:

&orid=[Contact ID]


Frank Hagan

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