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Can I import my data from another system?

Frank Hagan

Can I import all the data from my previous system? What info can I import on my own and what would require additional assistance from your Developers or Concierge Team?


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You can import most data from other systems on your own or if you've got an ONTRAPORT Pro or higher account, and use your 2 free hours of onboarding to help with this transition.

If you're a do-it-yourself type, check out Importing Your Contacts, our step-by-step ONTRAPORT Project. Just make sure you log into your account before clicking that link.

First, export your data from the other system and follow our import instructions. If you've got custom fields specific to your business that you need to import, create your Custom Fields before importing.

For full documentation on importing Contacts, visit our Knowledge Base.

Regarding funnels/campaigns/autoresponders, forms, or emails, these require some manual copy/paste or recreate method. There are certain situations which require custom developer imports, this would include items such as:

  1. Purchase History
  2. Credit Card information
  3. Open Orders (Recurring Subscriptions or Payment Plans that already exist in another system)
  4. Notes
  5. Affiliate Referral Data

There may be something outside these realms that you want/need imported. Get in touch with our Concierge team and they'll submit the request to our development team for an evaluation. "

Frank Hagan

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