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Numeric Field display customization

Doug Freeman

A significant limitation of having a custom Numeric Field is the inability to choose how it displays/merges.

It would be great to have the number field display with commas and decimals a la 1,000,000.00 rather than always as 1000000. Currently you can do this with either Price fields or Text fields however these fields do not work with equations, and defeat the point of a number field.

Another consideration is the option to change the type of a field, IE convert a numeric field to text etc.


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Feature Update: Math Equations in Price Fields
Price (currency) fields in ONTRAPORT can now use math equations in "Update Contact" campaign elements or Rules.

Numeric fields use whole numbers (integers) only, while price fields can use decimal numbers up to two decimal places. Details are in our article at:

Frank Hagan
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To clarify, the other consideration is the option to change the type of field for a customized field "after" it's been created.  Currently you have to completely delete the current one, (with a 'DELETE' confirmation screen), and then re-enter an entirely new, duplicate field.

Doug Freeman 1 vote
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We are adding the ability to do the merge field math operations to the currency ("Price") fields in ONTRAPORT. ETA is within the next two weeks. 

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