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What is the difference between Leads and Referrals?

Frank Hagan

I see both in the stats for my Partners in my Partner Programs. What's a "lead" and what is a "referral"?


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Leads are counted when someone fills out a form that they arrived at through a promo tool. Referrals are counted when the first or last referrer field is set with a Partner's information. In many cases leads = referrals.

However, there are at least two common conditions that will result in a mismatch in the number of leads vs referrals:

1. Referrals can be set manually, by a rule, or through a Partner link. These referrals will not show as leads, as no form was filled out.

2. If JavaScript is disabled on a browser and the person opts in through a Partner's promo tool, the lead count will not increase with a form fillout, but the first and/or last referrer field can still update and be counted as a referral. 

Frank Hagan

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