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Can I make a coupon code required on an order form?

Frank Hagan

I want to require that a coupon code be entered and accepted on an order form. Combining this requirement with a limit on the number of times a group coupon can be redeemed means I can "control capacity" to an event or for a product. 

For example, if I set my seminar cost at $10,000, and offer a 100% off coupon that can only be used 30 times, and require that a valid coupon be used on the order I can create both a perceived value for the seminar and limit entries to only 30 people.


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At the current time you cannot require a coupon code. The order form will attempt to process the $10,000 transaction with or without a coupon code. 

It's a good idea; you might consider making room for the people who do pay $10,000 and go ahead with it anyway!

Frank Hagan

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