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What's required to get my custom invoice templates approved?

Frank Hagan

I see that custom invoices are submitted for approval after I create them. What are the requirements for making sure they are approved?


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The things our Email Delivery team looks for are pretty simple. They are:

  1. You have the right merge fields. The easiest way to do this is to simply use the "Invoice (ONTRAmail)" editor and follow the instructions found in this article. As that article states, adding the "Invoice Block" ensures the right fields are there.
  2. You are not sending advertisements with the invoice. Invoices should be clean and to the point. Don't make it flashy! It's for their records and reference.

That's it! You'll be notified if your invoice is rejected and the Email Delivery team will help you make it right. For more information, check out our Knowledge Base article here.

Frank Hagan

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