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Can I get a list of contacts with a birthday next month?

Frank Hagan

I want to have a list of customers with birthdays coming up in the next month. How can I do this?


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Create a Date Sequence and use a series of Fulfillment List steps to populate a Fulfillment List. A Fulfillment List is a CSV file you can open in Excel. In this example, you want the Fulfillment List sent on the 1st of the preceding month for all the birthdays the following month. This first Fulfillment Step adds any contact with a birthday 30 days from the current date to the Fulfillment List.

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Note that the checkmark for "Run this step every year" must be checked.

When you click to create the Fulfillment List, it will look something like this:

image description

Note that we have the "Auto unsubscribe" option checked to make sure the list does not just keep growing!

Save the Fulfillment List and you will be returned to the Date Sequence. Create a Fulfillment Step for each of the additional days, 31 to 60 days before the Birthdate, in the same manner.

Subscribe all of your contacts to the Date Sequence. You can create a Rule to add any new contacts to the Date Sequence to make sure new contacts are included.

This Date Sequence works based on the relative date of the birthday field. If a contact is subscribed to it, but doesn't have a date in the Birthdate field, the Date Sequence just ignores that contact. But if the contact gets their birthday added to the database any time in the future, then the Date Sequence swings into action. So there is no problem subscribing all your contacts to the Date Sequence.

If you send the Fulfillment List weekly, starting the Date Sequence with steps 30 days out is probably enough lead time. For a monthly Fulfillment List, you may want to extend the series of Fulfillment Steps to 90 days out. You will have to adjust the timing according to your preferences.

If you're wondering which clients have birthdays this month, you might want to set up a Birthday promotion! If you're an ONTRAPORT User, you can access an ONTRAPORT Project step-by-step training on "Setting up an Anniversary or Birthday Promotion." To do so, navigate to this link.

Frank Hagan

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