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On the Dashboard my email open rate is over 100%. What's up with that?

Frank Hagan

I don't understand how my customers could open my emails more than 100% of the time...


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Dashboard metrics will allow you to count each and every time an email is opened, and if it's opened more than once by the same person your conversion rate can exceed 100%. There's an easy fix to make the metric act like the "Email Open" rate every where else in ONTRAPORT ... select the metric for editing and select "This conversion happens once."

Elsewhere in ONTRAPORT, in the Messages library and other places where we track conversion rates, we use ONLY unique email opens. Some clients are used to services that do count each open, even if it is a repeat open by the same contact, so we provide the Dashboard metric in a format that allows you to count total opens. 

Frank Hagan

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