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How do I set a custom Thank You page for my forms?

Frank Hagan

Right now it's showing a default ONTRAPORT one.


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All ONTRAPORT forms have an automatic default Thank You page. If you would like to change this to a page of your own to make your clients’ experiences more personalized or specific to your company it’s easy!

You need to have the following:

  • A Landing Page that you want as your Thank You Page. You can also use a Thank You page from your own website as long as it is hosted and you have the URL available.
  • A Form. This can be either an ONTRAform, ONTRApage Form Block, Legacy Form, or Upsell Form.

Now that you have your Thank You page ready, you just need to connect it to your Form. If you are using an ONTRApage or ONTRAform, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your page or form.
  2. Click on the left sidebar on the form block. It will say “Smart Form.” This will open up the Form Block for editing.
  3. Click on “Form Settings” on the left. It will look like this.
  4. In the pop-up Settings box, set your Landing Page or Thank You Page URL under “Send Contacts Here.” You can see what this looks like here.
  5. Save.

You have now successfully set your custom Thank You page! Every time a contact fills out that form, they will be sent to your desired page. If you’re using a legacy Smart Form, the steps to follow are the same as above except that you click on the “Settings” tab at the top instead of on a Form Block.

For the answer to this question and many others, check out our Community Q&A forum ONTRAPORT Answers. You can also learn more about forms in our Knowledge Base below:

Finally, you should check out the in-app training ONTRAPORT Project titled Automatically Follow Up with New Leads.


Frank Hagan
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