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Problems with Outlook?

Nigel Wallace-Iles


we are having severe issues with Outlook and was wondering if anyone else has had any issues? When we send email tests from Ontraport to an email with the same, it is being reformatted and the images sometimes don't display along with 'button' bars being changed and looking awful. When we send to a account, it looks fine. Considering most businesses use Outlook there must be more occurrences of this. We just don't want to send out our first campaign if it's not displaying correctly on receipt.

Any help would be very much appreciated and would save what little hair i still have!

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Outlook is a challenging client to design for, but our current open tickets in development are for two other issues, I think. One is for background images to work better and the other is related to the Header Title Text that shows up as 1pt text (looks like a dotted line) at the top left of the messages in Outlook.

In the past we have had specific ONTRAmail templates that required tweaking to make Outlook display consistent. I see your ticket with Michelle in Support; I've asked that she obtain the template ID / name for the ticket and escalate it to our QA team so they can test with different Outlook configurations (Exchange server, Office 365, etc.)

I don't recommend using the "Send Test Email" button from within the editor as the final determination, as it only gives a rough approximation of the final display of the email without sending it through the regular processor for populating merge fields, etc. Instead, I use a regular Contact Record instead. (I know Michelle covered this with you but wanted to mention it again here for the benefit of others). 

Frank Hagan

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Thankyou Frank. I am following this up with michelle and will be on my 2nd onboarding call tmrw. We were very surprised with the issues in Outlook as it is the most popular system in business, with or without all of it's associated problems.


thanks again

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