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I need a dynamic unsubscribe link for Partners promoting my products, where can I get this?

Ian Hamilton

I've recently found out that in order to comply with can-spam law, when someone else emails to recommend my products, not only do they have to provide their own unsubscribe link but they also have to provide mine because that person has the right to opt out from my list as well as theirs. What can I do about this in order to comply with can-spam?


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We aren't able to provide an unsubcribe link since they're generated dynamically and tied to specific contact records in ONTRAPORT. 

Are you having your partners email contacts who are already in your list on your behalf? If not, there's not really any risk of compliance violations here. However if there is going to be significant list overlap, you have two routes.

  1. Have your affiliates generate a list of contacts who unsubscribed each week, and then you can go in and cross reference that list with your own, either manually or with an import with the option for "set Bulk Email Status to Opt-out" checked. Unsubscribe requests need to be honored within 10 days, so a week gives you plenty of breathing room for compliance.

  2. Have your affiliates include a link to a form that you control that contains an email field. Then use a Campaign Trigger for form fill-out and an "update contact" element to change the Bulk Email Status to Transactional Only.
Ian Hamilton

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