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Customize "Manage Your Subscription" page

Tariq Aqel

I would like to be able to customize this page. Mainly: adding a new field "Full Name", Keeping "Email", and removing all other fields (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code). Also, I would like to remove the "OntraPort" logo.


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You can now edit your Unsubscribe Footer by visiting Administration > Business Info. Select the "Unsubscribe Footer" option to create your own wording and remove and/or replace the Ontraport logo.

The Ontraport logo is also your affiliate / partner link, providing a 25% commission per month for any new customers you send our way. You can still include this link after removing the logo by using the link dialog box. It includes both the Unsubscribe Link and the Ontraport Affiliate link.

The unsubscribe footer editor:

Here is the link dialog box that pops up when you highlight text and click the link icon. Note the two additions, the Unsubscribe Link and Ontraport Affiliate link. You can create your own unsubscribe text such as "Unsubscribe", "Opt Out" or "Remove me from your mailing list" by highlighting the text, clicking the link icon and selecting the "Unsubscribe Link". 

Frank Hagan
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We won't be implementing all of your requests, but we did update the Manage Your Subscription page yesterday. It no longer bears the Ontraport logo, and is a better design for mobile devices. In addition, we are rolling out additional formatting options to both the unsubscribe footer on bulk email and the Manage Your Subscription page in the next few weeks. Here's the announcement on what was done yesterday:

When your email recipients click the “Manage Your Subscription” link at the bottom of your emails, they’ll see all the same unsubscribe options as before, but they’re wrapped in a fresh design that doesn’t include the Ontraport logo and is easier to read.

The page is also now mobile-responsive to function and look great on any device so your contacts can update their preferences on the go.

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