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Bring back opt out status (Unsubscribe ability)

James Ficarra

I'd like contacts to be able to "unsubscribe from everything including transactional invoice and product update emails" via ONTRAPORT so that no matter what happens they will not be sent an email, even "transactional only" emails.  (though they can re-opt-in to receive everything again, if they choose)


Note this is in addition (not as a replacement to) "transactional only emails" which includes invoices and product updates.   (i.e. notification that they need to download the latest free update to their product in order to keep it working)




Official comment


You can add a custom email field using the Field Editor, and copy their email address to that field. Then, delete their email address from the default email address field. ONTRAPORT only sends email to the default email address field.


Frank Hagan

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