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Changing Column Numbers and Widths for Contact Information

Michael Richardson-Borne

I would like to be able to change the width of columns that appear in my Contact Information area, or be able to change how many columns appear on that screen. The use case is I have several long text fields that I would like to be able to read more easily. If it was possible to change the size or number of columns on that screen, the values in my long text fields would be easier to read. 


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You can do this. We cover the full details in our article on Contact Management, but here's some of the pertinent information copied and pasted: 

Customize the Display of Your Contacts

Resize Columns

Hover just to the left of the column heading, then click and drag the < > symbol to resize the column.

Add New Column Headings

Customize the fields that are displayed by clicking the + Add Column button in the upper right-hand corner.

Popular columns to add:

  • Bulk Email Status (to see who can receive your email)
  • Date Modified (to see the last contact added / edited in your collection)
  • Date Added (to see your newest Contacts)

There is more in the Contact Management Overview article!



Frank Hagan

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