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Send Scheduled Email to All Members of Tagged Group (Not Individually Selected Contacts)

Samantha Wilding

I would absolutely love if, instead of "manually selecting" every member of a group when a message is WRITTEN, I could schedule emails in advance to everyone who has a tag (or is in a campaign) on the day the message is SENT.

Since a lot of my users move from one campaign to another and add or remove tags during the process, scheduling an email more than a few days in advance excludes people who will receive the tag or have it removed in the future.

Please and thank you!


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You can automate this using a Campaign. Here's a simple one that does what you want with a Tag checked right before the email is sent. Add everyone in the account to the Campaign and it waits until Thursday, then checks to see if they have the Tag "Send Thursday Email". If they have the tag on Thursday the email is sent to them. Otherwise it is not, 

Frank Hagan

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