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Clear Pilotpress Cache as Cron

Mykola Latansky


We constantly encounter the problem with assigning a WordPress Membership Access using Pilotpress.

For some reason content doesn’t appear on a website immediately, but with delay.

We use sequence to do add content and we send email right away. So when our clients login to the Membership area they don’t see the promised content.

We receive a lot of negative feedback because of this issue and cannot deliver our courses the way it’s planned.

We can solve the issue manually with cleaning the cache using “Clear Pilotptess Cache” button. But it’s not convenient to do this manually, because we do add new content daily.

Is there a way to clear cache automatically every hour? Maybe we could use some command in Cron in the settings of our server?

Thank you!


Official comment


This can certainly happen when a contact is logged in already and their membership levels change. We do cache their membership levels at the beginning of each log in to prevent delays as they load each page. There is a way to force a refresh automatically.

You can force a refresh when they visit the page by inserting the special shortcode [pilotpress_sync_contact] at the top of the page in Text mode (classic editor) or in text mode in a Gutenberg "classic block". We have full instructions on this option in our Shortcodes article in the Resync Contact and Sell Membership Usecase section.

Here's how the drop down for the merge fields appears; the Resync Contact option is the last one in the drop down:


Frank Hagan

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