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"Next Record" Button

Mimi Naylor

It would be super helpful to have a "next record" button display while inside a contact record.

While you hope all your data comes in perfectly there are times when you have to go through and manually alter/clean/change a field in a way that cant be automated. It's painstaking but sometimes necessary.

On of the things that slows down the process is having to go back to the collection list each time rather than jumping straight to the next record in the group.

A "next record" button would help sooooo much.

Doesn't feel like the kind of thing that would be too onerous to code. Would anybody else find this useful? 


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We released Contacts Quick View on Dec. 12, 2019 and it includes the ability to quickly edit a record and then click on the "Next" or "Previous" link at the top to go to the next record.

Display your group as usual, then hover over the first name to reveal the Quick View icon at the right of the record. 

Then, you can click through each record by clicking the "Next" and "Previous" links at the top:

Frank Hagan
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We do have an active project that will include providing "Next / Previous" navigation while looking at Contact Records. You can expect to see it in the upcoming weeks.

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