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Pages: Form settings: Ability to connect CO Sequences and campaigns

Jacqueline Tinker

In the new Pages editor I want the ability to add Sequences and campaigns created under a Custom Object to the Form settings. 

Currently only forms built under the Object can link to it.

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That's a challenging project because in most cases, there's no data being collected for CO records.

Fortunately, it's easy to trigger a CO campaign based on any field updated on your Page... so this really shouldn't be required. 

Is there a use case where that wouldn't work for you?

Landon Ray
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I don't understand that there is no data being collected for CO records. What does that mean? My CO records are ALL data.

So the work around is to build a form to trigger events in the CO then use the code on a landing page. Which is fine. HOWEVER...

When you put the form on the landing page it is BLANK in the editor and unless you hit preview You can't see what is there. This could create problems in the future when I pass my work off to others to keep up with! They will look at the landing page an think it is blank and messed up! 

Maybe the request should be different. Maybe the feature request should be fix the landing page to at least show a visual holder for the code. (see image below) I wrote a small note on my page as this is an internal form so future editors would know what to do. 



Jacqueline Tinker 0 votes
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The fundamental root cause issue here is that Custom Object fields aren't available on OntraPages unless they're linked off the Contact record (and then will always create or link a Contact record during submission). I should be able to select Custom Object Fields / which object I want the form to be about.
The (ugly) workaround is to create an OntraPage with an HTML block, then embed the Form code for a form created off the custom objects, which also uses the old forms interface not the nice new Pages interface.
But that's not currently working when the field type is a checkbox.
David Kellam 0 votes
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