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Multi-Step or Progressive Forms in Ontraport?

Frank Hagan

How can I create multi-step forms on landing pages? I think they are called Progressive Forms?

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ONTRAPORT Pages allow you to create a series of forms that will add data to a single Contact Record. This is a great way to gather information from a contact, conduct a survey, and create a multiple step check-out experience without having to subject them to a long, intimidating  single page form. Data entered is written to the Contact Record with each form submitted. Let’s walk through an example! 

Create Your Pages

You will need to have at least two separate Pages, each with a Form on it. In this example we'll use two ONTRAPORT Pages. The first ONTRAPORT Page will have a form with a simple opt in, only requesting their email address. On the second Page the form will ask for more details (name, company, and phone).

Form Settings

We only need to tweak two settings to make this work! 

Form Settings for Step 1

Let's set up the Landing Page for the first ONTRAPORT Page. Click on the Edit Block icon. Next, click on "Form Settings".


Next, select "Use this Landing Page" and select the ONTRAPORT Page which has the second form.

Now, we are assured that when the first form is submitted, they will be taken to the ONTRAPORT Page where the second form resides. Save and exit this page.

Form Settings for Step 2

On the second ONTRAPORT Page, open up the Form Settings via the Edit Block icon as you did above and check the box next to "Override email address merge with cookie data". It is in the Advanced section at the bottom.

Checking this box will allow the data from this form to be merged with the data from the previous form. Save and exit the page.

Publish both pages so you can test the forms!

Test it Out!

We always recommend that you test your processes to be sure you didn't miss a step. Here's a quick example using test contact information.

1. Complete the first form with your test contact's email address. Click the submit button.

2. The page with the second form should appear. Fill out the second page's form with the rest of your test contact's information.

3. Go into your account and check to be sure that the information collected from both forms are merged as a single contact.

Frank Hagan
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