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Day of week / day of month 'Campaign Trigger'

Cam Buchanan


Feature Request(s):

1. Could there be a Campaign trigger for "Day of Week"? (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

2. Could there be a Campaign trigger for "First day of the month" and "Last day of the month"?

This would allow permanent automation of campaign components that need to trigger every week on a specific day, such as emailing a certain list of contacts every Monday to remind them of a Webinar you run every Friday. And also allow similar campaign concept to trigger at start or end of each month.

There's currently date based options; though they do have to be updated as they're specific and non repeatable.

Official comment


For number 1, you can have a "Day of Week" criteria in a Wait element. That allows you to have a contact wait until that day of the week before passing through.

For newsletter style campaigns we recommend you build out the campaign with multiple triggers, one for each first day of the month. After you build the first campaign path for your first month you can copy it for subsequent months and simply change the date in the Trigger. This link shows how that works. 

We'll keep this open for comments and votes to see if there's a demand for an evergreen, looping Trigger for the "first of every month". 

Frank Hagan
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