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How much are SMS Text Messages?

Rochelle Yoshida

Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

SMS messages incur a per message segment cost, explained below. ONTRAPORT provides the first SMS number at no additional charge for all ONTRAPORT accounts. For more details on sending SMS messages, see this article

SMS Number Pricing

  • The first SMS number (non short code/vanity) is free and can be selected in profile icon > Administration > Data > SMS
  • Additional SMS numbers they incur a monthly fee of $5 each, except in select countries listed below. This option is useful if you want to have separate SMS numbers for clients in different countries, or  want to segment for different divisions within your organization.
  • Australia and Austria $10 per month.
  • Estonia, France, Germany, Lithuania $7 per month. 
  • Puerto Rico, Switzerland $12 per month. 
  • Chile, Hong Kong, Israel and Mexico $14 per month. 
  • Shortcode SMS numbers are not in the conventional number format, and are 5 to 6 digits long. These special numbers incur a $3,000 fee every three months. Special "vanity" shortcodes incur a $4,500 fee every three months. Contact Support for more information on obtaining a short code SMS number.

SMS Per Message Pricing

The following table shows pricing as of April, 2019 for all regular SMS numbers provided by ONTRAPORT and are subject to change. The price of an SMS message varies by the region, carrier and length of the message.

  • Messages over the carrier's limit, usually 160 characters, are split into multiple messages and the charges below are assessed per message segment. 
  • Emojis use a different character set and reduces the character limit per message segment. 
  • Your credit card on file will be charged a minimum of $10 USD when a charge is incurred, and the balance used for future charges. To see your balance, go to your profile icon > account. 


ISO Country – Carrier Details Price per SMS
AU Australia 0.065
AT Austria 0.10317
AT Austria - Tele2 0.1032
AT Austria - Smartspace 0.1032
BD Bangladesh 0.084
BE Belgium 0.11
BR Brazil 0.0175
CA Canada 0.0175
CL Chile 0.068
HR Croatia 0.0175
CZ Czech Republic 0.059
CZ Czech Republic - 02 0.08
DK Denmark 0.0375
EE Estonia 0.0945
EE Estonia - EMT 0.114
FI Finland 0.092
FR France 0.086
DE Germany 0.095
GT Guatemala 0.039
HK Hong Kong 0.05
HK Hong Kong - SmarTone 0.05983
HK Hong Kong - 3 0.07
HK Hong Kong - CSL 0.07283
HK Hong Kong - CMMobile 0.09
HU Hungary 0.08
HU Hungary - Vodafone & UPC 0.1
HU Hungary - T-Mobile 0.101
IE Ireland 0.08
IL Israel 0.033
IT Italy 0.02
LV Latvia 0.075
LV Latvia - Tele2 0.0815
LV Latvia - Triatel 0.09233
LT Lithuania 0.051
LT Lithuania - Lithuanian Railways & UAB Mediafon 0.02
MY Malaysia 0.0503
MX Mexico 0.059
NL Netherlands 0.102
NL Netherlands - Ziggo 0.11
NL Netherlands - 6GMobile 0.11183
NO Norway 0.072
PH Philippines 0.034
PL Poland 0.051
PR Puerto Rico 0.05
SG Singapore 0.04
SG Singapore - SingTel & Circles 0.06
SK Slovakia 0.02
SI Slovenia 0.02
KR South Korea 0.0415
ES Spain 0.0933
ES Spain - Barablue / Flamatel & Truphone 0.0983
SE Sweden 0.065
SE Sweden - Lycamobile / Ventelo & Mundio 0.11
CH Switzerland 0.079
TW Taiwan 0.064
GB United Kingdom 0.05
US United States 0.0175


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