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Campaign Conditions To Include Time Of Day

Brendon Brackin

I'm working on adding a condition to a campaign so if anyone signs up for a webinar after the 24-hour reminder email is sent out they will stay on the campaign and still receive the 1-hour reminder email.

I can set the condition to say if someone signed up for the campaign on a certain date, but not having the time prevents people from receiving the 24-hour email reminder for however many hours until that email is sent out.

It would be beneficial to allow that that to be set for a specific time like the wait options have.



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Conditions do have the time available. choose the condition "Today is before/after date and time" as shown here:

An example of how to use the condition with waits and emails is shown here. It starts with a "Today is date" trigger for the specific event date. This trigger applies only to contacts already on the campaign and those added to that campaign by some other trigger (such as a form fill out) on that specific day. The trigger collects them and then they descend through the conditions and waits to get the email messages:

Frank Hagan
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