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Allowing the Creation of Groups Based on People Who Have NOT Purchased an Item(s)

Stephan Kesting

Currently there when you are setting up a group in your contacts there is no easy or dynamic way to create a group based on people who have NOT bought certain items.

Right now when you're creating a group based on field = "products purchased" you only get the option to for the condition to be "contains"

If field = "Products Purchased" could have the condition option "does not contain" this would allow Ontraport users to be much more targeted in their communications - why would you want to bug a contact to purchase something that they have already purchased.

The workaround here is to go and manually tag everyone who has bought a certain product or products and then exclude those tags from your group, but this is clunky and non dynamic.

Please, allow us to send emails to people who are more likely to appreciate them!

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The easiest way to do this is to create a simple campaign like the one shown, and have the Condition element sort the contacts automatically if they have purchased "greater than or equal to" >> "1" of the item. 

Frank Hagan
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