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OntraPages for Custom Objects

David Kellam
OntraPages currently assumes relation to Contacts, which means OntraPages can't be used to create forms primarily for Custom Objects.

There should be an advanced option (toggling it via a checkbox would be fine) to enable me to select which Object I want the Page related to. Or the ability to put OntraPages under the Custom Object menu itself like forms (which may just pre-fill this info in the generic one).

Forms are OK, but limited in three ways:
* Older interface
* Currently don't allow placing of checkboxes in CO Forms (works fine on Contacts) - either a bug or may be indicative of other limitations I haven't discovered yet)
* Double-handling - need to create a Form and an OntraPage then link together via a Custom HTML Block
   - which also means risk in deleting what looks like a blank element as the form won't show in the Pages editor

Not sure if there's also an issue with speed due to the embed. Or if there's an issue then with pre-filled data. Haven't tested yet.

No, doing it as is doesn't work because not all fields are accessible from Contacts - it will depend on the relationship type and whether Contacts are even involved in that CO relationship. Also it will update/create contacts on submission, which isn't always wanted.

Either way, the right solution is to have Pages linked to COs for Smart Forms, not only Contacts.


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