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Put the Ontraport Release Notes on a static page

A Wentland

it is very difficult to read through the release notes when the key page keeps refreshing every 60 seconds. The worst part is the refresh always takes it back to the top of the page and then I have to try and remember where I was reading below. And when I find where I was it's about time to refresh again.

I would prefer a link to a static page with all of the notes, making it easier to read and if I want I can search through all of the notes with the browser search for something I am looking for.

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We do have another copy of that page available in the "?" help menu under Resources >> System Status and Release Notes. It pops up in the app. While it does refresh every 60 seconds you do maintain your place in the notes, on the same page and same location on the page. 

This 30 second video shows where it is located and shows the "flash" as the status updates every 60 seconds. 

We'll look into another page or a way to suspend the automatic refreshes.

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