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Can I host WordPress and Ontraport Pages on the same domain?

Frank Hagan

I'm wondering if I can use a single domain for both my WordPress site and also Ontraport Pages? 

Can I do this by hosting my WordPress site with Ontraport? What's the best way to accomplish this?

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There are three methods we recommend. 

But first, we don't recommend hosting your WordPress site with Ontraport. Our WordPress hosting is a legacy feature that does not allow SSL certificates. Most modern browsers require the certificate or a manual exception to be entered by your customer, and that's not a reassuring process for them. 

Instead, we recommend you host your WordPress site with a host such as SiteGround or WP Engine. You can ask in our Facebook Community about the WordPress hosts people like the most. You will use that host's name servers for your new site (you will enter them into your DNS settings for the domain name at the company you bought the domain name from - your domain registrar). 

The first (simple) method:
Use the Ontrapages Plugin to host your pages in WordPress. Install WordPress on your domain, then install the Ontrapages Plugin. This is the easiest method.

  • Your WordPress site will appear at the root domain, example: ""
  • Your pages will appear on your site as pages, for example at "".

Note about method 2 and 3:
If you aren't familiar with editing your DNS settings we highly recommend you hire someone to do it for you. A mistake here can make your website disappear.

The second method - using a subdomain for WordPress:
Create a subdomain for your WordPress site. This is either done in your control panel at your webhost, or at your domain registrar where you purchased your domain.  An example subdomain might be "" ("members" replaces the "www" in the domain). Create an A record for the "members" subdomain that uses the IP address of your host's server. 

Then, change the site's main A record, often designated with the "@" symbol, to point to our landing page server's IP address at 

Install your new WordPress site into that subdomain folder you set up with the A record, for example "".

When publishing Pages in Ontraport, you can choose to use your own domain and enter it for the hosting. An example: "". 

  • Your WordPress site will be at that subdomain, for example ""
  • Your Ontraport pages will appear with page names at the root domain, such as ""

The third method, also using the domain as a Send From email domain
If you want to use that domain for a "send from" email address as well as your landing pages and WordPress site, use the instructions under Situation 2: I have a domain already, but it is (or will be) used by other services to edit your DNS settings. 

  • Your WordPress site appears at the root domain, for example ""
  • Your Ontaport Pages appear in the subdomain, for example ""
  • Your email address from that domain can be used as a "Send From" email address in Ontraport email. 


Frank Hagan
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