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    Upsells - Requirements and bundle multiple upsells into single transaction

    About Upsells

    Applies to: ONTRAPORT Plus and above.

    Important Items to Consider

    • Upsell Forms must be on the same domain as the Order Form that triggered it.
    • Upsell Forms must use the same payment gateway as the original Order Form.
    • You cannot use standard PayPal as the payment gateway.
    • Order Forms process transactions immediately, but Upsell Forms are submitted to a processing queue that runs every 15 minutes. Depending on your global Upsell Form Settings (see below) and when the Upsell Form enters that processing queue there can be an additional delay from one to 14 minutes before the credit card is charged and the Campaigns or rules on that Upsell Form run.
    • For security reasons, Upsell Forms have a "time out" period. By default, the time out period is five minutes. Contact Support to have the time out period extended.
    • Tracking scripts MUST exist on both the Order Form page and the Upsell Form page. If you are using ONTRApages, a WordPress site that is integrated with PilotPress or Legacy Landing Pages, tracking scripts are added automatically.
    • You can have multiple Upsell Forms linked together. The second Upsell Form would be listed as the Confirmation Page page for either (or both!) of the Yes or No selections on the Upsell Form prior to it.


    Configure the Upsell Settings

    Click Sales and then Settings in the navigation menu.

    Sales Settings Menu

    Click Upsell Settings and choose the processing method:

    Bundle Multiple Upsells Into a Single Transaction.

    We suggest this option if you have more than one upsell after purchase. A single invoice is sent for all the upsell transactions at the end of the upsell funnel and all the Campaigns and Rules are run for all the Upsell Forms at that time. This batch process starts after the time out period has expired for the last Upsell Form.

    At that time, all of the the Upsell Forms enter the processing queue; transactions are processed every 15 minutes. That means all of the charges are processed and all the Campaigns and Rules for all the Upsell Forms run after the total of the time out period for the last Upsell Form plus from one to 14 minutes, depending on when the Upsell Forms enter the processing queue.

    Process Each Upsell as an Individual Transaction.

    We suggest this option if you have only one upsell after purchase. Each "Yes" click on an Upsell Form in the funnel generates an invoice that is sent to your customer and the Campaigns and Rules on the Upsell Form are processed immediately.

    Note: The processing queue runs transactions every 15 minutes, so it can take from one to 14 minutes for the upsell to register in the Contact Record and for the Campaigns and Rules to process.

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