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    Sequences FAQ

    Note: Sequences and Rules are legacy features and are not enabled by default in new accounts. We strongly recommend you use Campaigns instead of Sequences and Rules. This documentation is provided for legacy clients still using these features.

    General Sequence FAQs

    ► What's the difference between a Step Sequence and a Date Sequence?


    ► What if I leave the scheduled time blank for a step?


    ► When I click on Settings and select "Show this sequence on the Subsription Management Page" there is a field for "Public Name" and "Public Description" - where do those show up for my contacts?


    ► When setting the time for my sequence step to fire, I notice a time code there. Where does that come from and how can I change it?


    ► What is "unsubscribe contact after last step" and why is this used?



    Modifying & Editing Sequences

    ► What happens if I add a step to a sequence with people already on it?


    ► What happens if I re-arrange the steps in a sequence when someone is still on it?


    ► How will the next step be affected if I were to pause, then un-pause a Sequence?


    ► The steps of my Date Sequence are appearing out of order. Will they still fire when they are supposed to?


    Birthdays & Other Dates

    ► I would like to receive email notifications a few days before my contact's birthdays. How do I do this?


    ► I have contacts added to a birthday Date Sequence, but the steps are not firing. Why not?


    ► What if I don't have a birthday for someone in my list and they get subscribed to the birthday sequence?



    Rule Steps

    ► Are Rule Steps retroactive?


    ► What if I add a Rule to day 0 in a Step Sequence?


    ► Is a condition necessary in Rule steps?


    ► What is the difference between Rule steps and global Rules?


    ► How do I set up a Rule in a sequence based on not having performed an action (like doesn't click an email link)?


    ► How do I set up a Rule in a sequence to stop someone from hitting a future step?


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