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    Sequences FAQ

    General Sequence FAQs

    ► What's the difference between a Step Sequence and a Date Sequence?


    ► What if I leave the scheduled time blank for a step?


    ► When I click on Settings and select "Show this sequence on the Subsription Management Page" there is a field for "Public Name" and "Public Description" - where do those show up for my contacts?


    ► When setting the time for my sequence step to fire, I notice a time code there. Where does that come from and how can I change it?


    ► What is "unsubscribe contact after last step" and why is this used?



    Modifying & Editing Sequences

    ► What happens if I add a step to a sequence with people already on it?


    ► What happens if I re-arrange the steps in a sequence when someone is still on it?


    ► How will the next step be affected if I were to pause, then un-pause a Sequence?


    ► The steps of my Date Sequence are appearing out of order. Will they still fire when they are supposed to?


    Birthdays & Other Dates

    ► I would like to receive email notifications a few days before my contact's birthdays. How do I do this?


    ► I have contacts added to a birthday Date Sequence, but the steps are not firing. Why not?


    ► What if I don't have a birthday for someone in my list and they get subscribed to the birthday sequence?



    Rule Steps

    ► Are Rule Steps retroactive?


    ► What if I add a Rule to day 0 in a Step Sequence?


    ► Is a condition necessary in Rule steps?


    ► What is the difference between Rule steps and global Rules?


    ► How do I set up a Rule in a sequence based on not having performed an action (like doesn't click an email link)?


    ► How do I set up a Rule in a sequence to stop someone from hitting a future step?


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