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    Introduction to ONTRAPORT (Video Series)

    About Introduction to ONTRAPORT

    Applies to: All ONTRAPORT accounts.

    Compatible Web Browsers

    We ensure that our app is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Please use one of these browsers when working inside your ONTRAPORT account. Using other browsers (e.g. Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari) may cause compatibility issues including latency and visual differences.

    Learning Resources

    ONTRAPORT has a ton of resources to help you grow and scale your business!

    • ONTRAPORT Academy: Gain software training, marketing tactics, leadership strategies and operational know-how here.
    • Blog: Up-to-date content about entrepreneurial inspiration, small business advice, automation software and marketing trends
    • Guides: Downloadable guides complete with data-driven insights and the latest strategies and tactics to support your business growth.
    • Blueprints: Learn everything you need to know to develop and implement core marketing and sales strategies in your growing business.
    • Usecases: Specific examples with video tutorials on how you can use ONTRAPORT to implement marketing and sales strategies to take your business to the next level.
    • In-App: About This Page: Click the "i" icon in the bottom right hand corner of your ONTRAPORT account for descriptions of the current page plus training videos, FAQs, and links to related support material.
    • In-App: The Getting Started Checklist and Step by Step Guides walk you through various tasks in ONTRAPORT. Click the question mark icon in the lower right to access them.
    • In-App: Support: Click the "?" icon in the bottom right corner of yoru ONTRAPORT account to contact support by chat or email, read our knowledge base docs and much more.
    • Knowledge Base: Full system documentation about every ONTRAPORT feature. Plus Q&A's moderated by the ONTRAPORT team.

    About ONTRAPORT Academy

    All ONTRAPORT customers get free access to ONTRAPORT Academy to access the following courses:

    Login URL:

    ONTRAPORT customers receive a username (usually the one you log into your ONTRAPORT account with) and password when they sign up for an ONTRAPORT account. If you lost your password, click here.

    If you'd like to sign up for ONTRAPORT Academy, go here.

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