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Email HTML editor scrolling

Ben Cox

Having an EXCRUTIATING time working on a lengthy email in your editor. Every time I use the up or down arrow keys, the entire outer window scrolls. Please fix this to ensure that the editor widget suppresses keyboard events on the upstream components on focus, so that the Window, itself, won't keep getting those arrow key event and scrolling my text editor out of view. Or, make text editor short enough that the window doesn't have room to scroll up and down in the first place. Make it so I can hide the Plain Text if I need more vertical space in the upper text area. It's not like I can see what's not on screen anyway, and it makes it pretty darned frustrating to have to physically mouse over to the window's scroll bar every couple of seconds cause it keeps scrolling me on down to look all the blank space below what I'm working on. 


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For the benefit of others we have two different editors for Email. The newer, ONTRAmail editor uses a single scroll for the page and the arrow keys work as expected. The older HTML Email editor does have a scroll bar for the editor window and the page itself. 

You can make the HTML Email editor full screen to solve this problem for lengthy emails. It is this button on the tool bar:

It works in both Source and Regular view, and you can toggle the display back and forth. Here's the full toolbar at the top of the full screen after clicking the button. Click again to go back to the regular page view :

Other tips on using the HTML Email editor are found in our HTML Email article. 


Frank Hagan

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