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GDPR compliance

Thomas Serafini


are you planning to make the system (the sign up forms in particular) GDPR compliant? GDPR is the new European Privacy regulation.




Official comment


Edit Jan. 17, 2018:

Please see our GDPR, Privacy Shield and ONTRAPORT page.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service now includes GDPR and Privacy Shield items indicated.


As far as we can tell, all the new requirements on EU businesses are easily handled with the tools already available in ONTRAPORT (consent requests, tracking of responses, opt-out requests, data delivery requests, etc). The only requirement that will require some help from ONTRAPORT is the legal agreement between ONTRAPORT and you, which we'll make available before the deadline next may.

As a company that stores your customer's credit data, we are already held to a very (very) high security standard, and it's virtually impossible to imagine that they'll be asking for providers to do more than we already do.

...Although if they did, we'd love it - we've been working on security for years, and stiff new requirements would put virtually all our competition out of business in the EU. 

Landon Ray

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Hi, would you be able to provide details of any official security standards you adhere to/are a member of that we can use in communications regarding GDPR as soon as possible please.

Very many thanks

Tamsen Garrie 0 votes

No, we will only be providing the information we have to provide, which to our understanding is the legal agreement between you and ONTRAPORT. We will have an update on our security level in a month or two, and you can compile that if you need to. 

Frank Hagan 0 votes