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Create a Challenge Question for Smart Forms

Martin Cogburn

Tip: Challenge Question on Smart Forms


Adding a challenge question field or "math captcha" to your Smart Form can help qualify leads without being a detriment to your form’s aesthetic. Like captchas, challenge question fields act as a bouncer to your database, keeping it exclusive to humans by posing a simple question. By bending ONTRAPORT’s tagging and rule automation to your will, you’ll be able to effortlessly implement this tip into your lead capture process.

How This Works

You’re able to leverage the power of Rules on Smart Forms in ONTRAPORT to segregate the hot new leads from the spambots. What you’ll do is add a new required text Field to your Smart Form that asks leads to submit the answer to a simple math equation. Any contact who fails to answer the question correctly is thereupon tagged as ‘Bad Lead’ and redirected to an error Landing Page where another form fillout is requested for additional verification. If the leads are indeed bad, they’ll be filtered into a group for closer inspection and deletion.

Those contacts who answer the math challenge question correctly will be processed normally and added to your new lead Sequence.

How to Create a Challenge Question/Math Captcha

  1. Create a Smart Form
  2. Add the Challenge Question field to your Smart Form
  3. Click Add Field
  4. Click Add New Field
  5. Add a Field to whichever Section you desire
  6. Name your Field
  7. Name it something like ‘Math Captcha’ so you can identify it in the future
  8. Under Field Type, select Text
  9. Save the Field
  10. Save your Contact Fields
  11. Select the newly created Field in the Insert Field window
  12. Click Insert Field(s)
  13. Configure the Field Settings
  14. Set the Field to ‘Required’
  15. Change the Field Label of the Challenge Question Field to a simple math equation
  16. Ex: ‘What is 2+3?’
  17. Add Sub Text that explains that briefly explains to anyone filling out the Smart Form that this is a special verification field
  18. Sample content: Verify that you are a human by answering the question above
  19. Configure your Smart Form’s redirect settings
  20. Click the Conditions button
  21. Under Redirect on Submit, click + Add Rule
  22. Set your first redirect Condition for those who answer the math question correctly to ‘IF What is 2+3 Equal To 5’
  23. Set your Outcome to redirect the lead to your ‘Thank You’ Page
  24. This can be a Landing Page or a page on your website
  25. Set a second redirect outcome for those who fail to answer the question correctly to ‘IF What is 2+3 Not Equal to 5’
  26. Set your Outcome to redirect to a Landing Page with this very same Smart Form on it requesting they fill it out again
  27. Set your Smart Form Rules to filter out bad contacts
  28. Go to your Smart Form’s Settings tab
  29. Create a Rule that adds Contacts to your new lead Sequence if they answered the question correctly
  30. Set the Rule condition to Field is this value
  31. Select the Math Captcha Field you created
  32. Set the condition to Equal To
  33. Set the value to 5
  34. Set the Rule action to Add Contact to Sequence
  35. Select your opt-in sequence
  36. Set a second action to Remove Contact From Tag
  37. Create and select the Tag: Bad Lead
  38. Create a Rule that Tags bad leads who answered the math question incorrectly
  39. Set the Rule condition to Field is this value
  40. Select the Math Captcha Field you created
  41. Set the condition to Not Equal To
  42. Set the value to 5
  43. Set the Rule action to Add Contact to Tag
  44. Select the Tag: Bad Lead
  45. Save your Smart Form
  46. Create a Group for you to sort through and delete bad leads
  47. Go to Contacts
  48. Click the Manage Groups button
  49. Name the Group ‘Bad Leads’
  50. Set the Group to include anyone whose Contact Tags contain ‘Bad Lead’
  51. Save the Group
  52. Post your Smart Form on your web page, WordPress page or Landing Page

Other Important Facts

Challenge questions can also be text entries, such as "What is the third word in this sentence?" with conditions modified by OR for alternate capitalization. Text challenge questions can help identify non-native language "boiler room" submissions, but consequently increase complexity for all prospects.

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