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Launch an Evergreen Product

Martin Cogburn

TIP: Evergreen product launch


About This Tip

Give your prospects the launch experience without actually launching a new product. By retooling an evergreen product (one that is always available and not limited by launch constraints), you can demonstrate value, urgency and scarcity to all your new (or existing) prospects, incentivizing them to buy. Here’s what you’ll do: when anyone opts into your list regardless of date, you’ll promote your evergreen product and give them pricing options dependent on when they opted in. Then as the days go by, should they neglect to purchase, they’ll receive subsequent offers on the same product at an increased price until your “launch” ends. Consider this another arrow in the quiver of your marketing strategy.


How This Works

What you’ll be doing is sending your prospects automated emails via a Step Sequence that include a dynamic link. This link sends them to an Order Form with a product that increases in price over time. Using a Step Sequence and Rules, you’ll auto-update the content on the destination page of the personalized link and notify your prospects of your launch deadline and price jumps leading up to it. The Sequence then automatically swaps out the Order Form on a Landing Page for that particular prospect with one that offers the product at a slightly higher rate.


How To Set This Up

  1. Create your Order Forms

    1. Create an Order Form and add a Product with initial cheapest pricing

    2. Click the Publish Form button

    3. Select the Host my Form option

    4. Copy the form URL into a notepad application

    5. Save the Order Form

    6. Repeat this process two more times and increase the Product price on each Order Form

  2. Create a Custom Field

    1. Go to the Contacts menu > Settings > Field Editor

    2. Add a Text Field

    3. Save the Field

  3. Create a sales Landing Page

    1. Create a new Landing Page and select Easy Pages as the type

    2. Add your sales page content (if you have any)

    3. Add an HTML Layer

    4. Insert the code below into the HTML Layer

      1. <iframe src="YOUR MERGE FIELD" width="750" height="900"></iframe>

    5. Replace the text in red with the Merge Field of the field you created in step 2

    6. NOTE* - you may need to adjust the size specification in the iframe code above depending on the size or your Order Form

    7. Save your Landing Page

  4. Create an Evergreen Launch Step Sequence

    1. Add a Rule Step

      1. Under Then Do This select Change the Value of a Field

      2. Select the Custom Field from step 2

      3. Insert the URL of the first Order Form you created in step 1

    2. Add an Email

      1. Write your email content

      2. Insert the Merge Field for the PURL of the Landing Page you created in step 3

    3. Repeat step 4a and use the URL of the second Order Form you created in step 1

    4. Repeat step 4b

    5. Repeat step 4a and use the URL of the third Order Form you created in step 1

    6. Repeat step 4b

    7. Save the Sequence

  5. Set a default merge field (this is your failsafe)

    1. Go to the Contacts menu > Settings > Default Merge Fields

    2. Find the Field you created in step 2

    3. Paste the URL of the first Order Form you created in step 1 into the Field

    4. Save


Now you can add people to this Sequence at will.

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