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Updating Browsers for ONTRAPORT

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Updating Browsers for ONTRAPORT



To run ONTRAPORT at full capacity and access all features, it is recommended that your internet browser be up to date at all times. On occasion you may experience a corrupted cache (your web browser's repository for data storage) or a cache that interferes with being notified of updates. In addition, your browser's cookies may interfere with testing membership sites, Upsell Forms or other ONTRAPORT features. For those reasons, you may want to clear your cache and cookies in your browser history before updating.



Updating Your Browser

Many browsers can be configured to update automatically. To see if your browser is up to date, visit any of the websites that check your browser such as What Is My Browserexternal link. In most browsers you can force an update by visiting the help menu or the About page and initiating a browser check from there. The following links provide instructions from the browser providers:


ONTRAPORT recommends the use of Firefox and Chrome. 


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Updating Browser Plugins

ONTRAPORT relies on Javascript for many functions inside the application, but does not require Java or Flash. No other plugins are needed to work in ONTRAPORT. Visit What is My Browserexternal link to test your browser for proper Javascript operation and find instructions for enabling it.


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Clearing Your Browser's Cache

The browser cache can store images, settings and entire pages for quick retrieval. In some cases, a persistent cache can interfere with testing WordPress membership site log ins and sales funnels using Upsell Forms.

  • Quick Cache Refresh: Quickly flush your cache in Windows by pressing CTRL + F5. On Macs, use APPLE + R or COMMAND + R. In Safari on the Mac, empty the cache by selecting the Safari menu and Empty Cache.

  • For Safari on the Mac, especially when testing Upsell Forms, you need to delete the hidden cache file manually:

    1. Finder >> go (while holding down OPTION) >> Library >> Caches

    2. Find the Safari cache file and manually move it to the trash.

    3. Remove all cookies by going to Safari >> Preferences >> Privacy >> Details >> Remove all Cookies


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Clearing Your Browser's Cookies

Cookies store bits of information about your prior visits to web pages. They can contain ONTRAPORT Contact ID information, the date and time of your last login to a membership site, etc.

  • Clearing Cookies for a Single Site:

    1. While visiting the site in Firefox click the Globe icon in the URL bar. Click the More Information button and then the Security tab. Click the link to View Cookies. Select all the cookies and click the Remove Selected button.  Show me




    2. While visiting the site in Chrome click the Page icon in the URL bar. On the Permissions tab, click the link Show Cookies and Site Data. Select the domain and click the Remove button to remove cookies for that domain  Show me


    3. Internet Explorer has different methods for different versions; please visit this Internet Explorer 11external link page. You can select your version of Internet Explorer using the drop down box at the top right.

  • In Safari on the Mac, clear all cookies by going to Safari >> Preferences >> Privacy >> Details >> Remove all Cookies


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