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More options for sending calendar Confrimations & Notifications

Arnie J Wentland

It looks like confirmations and (internal not contact) notifications can only be sent to  (the owner or the host).

confirmations and notifications need to be sent to other people, not just users of the system.

Example1-meeting coordinators, technology coordinators, outside suppliers (especially for onsite events)

Example2- I send a text 10 min before using an email to text alert.

I am doing it in an automation ( using outlook, zapier, calendly). Since the OP calendar is its own object with built in notifications it needs to be a bit more flexible.

and Yes I could have an automation running in parallel with the calendar notification but then I have to keep them in sync when the event changes.


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After reading more carefully, it looks like the capability for specific email and sms is described in help, But is not a choice in the system.

  1. Select who you want to send your notification to. Select from:
    • This guest: Pick a specific contact to notify.
    • All guest
    • Guests (Contacts)
    • Guests (Users)
    • Attending Guests only
    • Unconfirmed Guests only
    • Owner
    • Specific email - Add a specific email address to send a notification.
    • Specific SMS - Add a specific SMS number to send a notification.
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