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livechat and Calendar use the same email address

Arnie Wentland

The problem is OP support uses the same email address as Messages in the new Calendar function so I have OP support emails cluttering up my client email in box. The new calendar function Limits the Owner and Host to "ME" which points to the contact in the profile.   In the past I set the contact profile email to my sign in email ",   I had to change the profile email to use the self scheduling function. Now the default livechat uses the email I use for clients. PLUS when I change the email address in livechat session the system ignores the email address I enter at the top of the chat window ( and sends it to my client account.( which I had to change the profile email to use the calendar self scheduling function.

Potential solutions - 1. Allow a different specific email address for OP support.  2. Allow different email addresses to be used in the Calendar Messages other  than the Profile Contact email address similar to normal messages.   I have multiple email addresses I use in my account that I use for different campaigns. 


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